CBD oil for seizures and epilepsy is a promising new treatment option; Epidolex is an FDA-proven drug for treating epileptic seizures in children. While there are a lot of acclaimed health benefits of CBD, the only proven one is for seizures and epilepsy.

Considering this, CBD can be a promising new therapy for reducing epilepsy episodes. What is CBD, how does it work for epilepsy and bipolar disorders? Here you will learn everything.

3 Brands Best CBD Oil For Seizures & Epilepsy

1. Diamond


  • Derived from organic Colorado-grown hemp
  • All diamond products are GMO-Free
  • Besides CBD oil, there is a wide array of products, including gummies, vapes, and skincare products
  • Comes in different potencies so you can choose the best for your needs
  • A third-party laboratories test backs every product of Diamond CBD


  • The products come with a bit high price tag; however, you can still get them in sales for relatively less

Diamond CBD is a leading manufacturer and distributor of CBD hemp oil, being one of the first companies to be legally allowed to sell it in the US. That means a lot for the customers, as they can buy CBD hemp oil with no legal implications, even if their state doesn’t allow it yet.

Diamond CBD combines high-quality CBD hemp oil and advanced production technology. Its products include vape oils, soft gels, capsules, topical lotions, and so on. A new line of THC-free edibles has just been added to the portfolio.

Diamond CBD is based in the USA and provides worldwide shipping too. They focus on creating full-spectrum CBD products (i.e., containing other cannabinoids like CBG CBN) and sell pure, isolated crystals. The latter is suitable for vaping or mixing with edibles. People new to CBD can try samples before deciding which product is right for them.

Overall, Diamond CBD is one of the top providers in the market, and its products are highly recommended by experts and trusted by thousands of users nationwide. The company provides a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

2. +Plus


  • CBD from organic hemp grown in Europe

  • Vegan and Gluten-free

  • They offer a unique package of CBD products by which you can save up to 20%

  • CBD products come in varying potencies

  • Pluscbd is US Hemp Authority Certified, and its third-party testing is ISO-certified.

  • Pluscbd offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • They offer free shipping for orders above $45


  • The products at pluscbd might seem expensive to some users
  • Some of their COAs need updating.
  • The website is a bit complex to navigate.

We have done a lot of research and found that +Plus CBD is one of the best companies in this industry. We have been seeing that they have been making good progress since their start in 2015.

Their products are also made from organic hemp grown in Croatia, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. Furthermore, all their products are vegan and gluten-free, so you will not have to worry about your health. They also have a one-of-a-kind CBD bundle with savings of up to 20%.

+Plus CBD offers different CBD oil products, including tinctures, capsules, sprays, and pet products. They use CO2 to extract organically grown hemp, which they put into their CBD products.

Their tinctures come in three different flavors: citrus, peppermint, and unflavored. If you have problems with your joints or muscles due to aging, then you will certainly enjoy the fact that they have a potent 1000mg chocolate-flavored CBD oil for an extremely low price.

Therefore, we encourage you to check their website and see for yourself why we think they are one of the rising stars in this industry.

3. Binoid


  • Derive CBD from organic hemp grown in Oregon
  • Biniod products prices are reasonable
  • All products come with a Certificate Of Analysis.
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee
  • They offer free shipping on every order


  • No Mid-range potency hemp products are available
  • Their extensive product range may confuse new customers
  • The product availability relies on the state you are staying

If you are looking for a company that is environmentally friendly and offers high-quality CBD, then Binoid is the place to go.

They produce organic hemp in Oregon and adhere to strict quality control standards during extraction, which offers a higher concentration of CBD. Every jar has a COA (certificate of analysis) that guarantees the amount and purity of the CBD.

When shopping for CBD products, the list of companies that offer free shipping is usually concise. However, with Binoid, not only do they give you a competitive price, but they also offer free shipping on every order.

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

The cannabis plant houses more than 400 cannabinoids and terpenes; however, the two leading cannabinoids are CBD-cannabidiol and THC-Tetrahydrocannabinol.

These chemicals are highly regarded for their health benefits; however, CBD is non-psychoactive, and THC brings euphoria and intoxication.

CBD after extraction from the hemp plant is mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil. These oils are responsible for the better digestion of CBD oil.

It is worth mentioning that CBD oil manufacturers make three different types of CBD oil: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD-isolate, depending on the cannabinoid profile.

The full-spectrum contains all chemicals of hemp, including less than 0.3% THC, while the broad-spectrum contains all cannabinoids except THC. CBD isolate is the purest CBD form.

Many CBD users vouch for full-spectrum and broad-spectrum because they can enhance the overall CBD effects due to the synergy of the chemicals. However, those reluctant to use THC prefer CBD-isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil only.

CBD oil and Seizures

CBD oil and Seizures

Cannabis has been long hauled to alleviate symptoms of epilepsy for centuries. It was only recently made lawful in the United States to use cannabis products for therapeutic purposes. In 2018, the FDA authorized Epidiolex, CBD oil for epilepsy, to address specific epileptic conditions.

It is worth mentioning that about a third of individuals with epileptic seizures develop drug-resistant epilepsy, which says standard medications do not control their episodes. The idea that medicinal cannabis could assist persons with drug-resistant epileptic seizures referred to as refractory epilepsy, decreases and even eliminates attacks.

How does it work?

It is unclear how CBD can help with certain types of epilepsy as the CBD research in medicine is still in its infancy. However, it is proven to have a broad range of biological reactions on cerebral neurons, potentially influencing seizures and convulsions.

It is worth noting that seizures are triggered by unpredictable electrical impulses in brain cells, increasing and resulting in uncontrollable bodily motions or changes in perception. The majority of anti-seizure medications function by reducing exuberant neuronal neural activity.

Now coming to how CBD oil works for reducing epilepsy seizures, your body has an innate network of neurotransmitters and receptors that regulate different bodily functions.

In other words, they regulate the functions such as metabolism, sleep and wake cycle, pain, and inflammation that get out of the line. This cell signaling system is known as the Endocannabinoid System. Comprehensive analysis of CBD oil for pain, inflammation, sleep to play an effective help.

According to a mouse study, CBD’s antiepileptic benefits may be due to its lowering neuronal stimulation by working on two receptor classes termed GPR55 and TRPV1 receptors.

How does CBD oil benefit seizures and epilepsy–According to Research?

How does CBD oil benefit seizures and epilepsy

The potential of CBD oil to cure absence seizures or epilepsy is still under investigation. As mentioned earlier, Epidolex, an FDA-approved medical prescription for epilepsy, can treat specific and rare epilepsy types like Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes.

Besides, treating these syndromes can also help with the tuberous sclerosis complex that causes epileptic seizures due to genetic problems.

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome

Lennox-gastaut syndrome is an uncommon type of epilepsy that affects approximately 2-5% of early years epilepsy cases.

Regarding the LGS, scientists conducted a research where they evaluated the efficacy of the Epidiolex on LGS sufferers. During this 14 day trial, the scientist found some promising results.

In the first phase of the investigation, the researchers administered 20 mg epidolex per kg to weight each day to the LGS sufferers.

In contrast to the controlled group, almost half of the sufferers taking epidiolex had 44% fewer episodes. On the other hand, the placebo group participants experienced a 22% decrease in seizures.

The second trial examined the effectiveness of regular Epidolex dosages of 10 mg per kg of the body weight and 20 mg per kg of the bodyweight against a placebo.

Compared to the control group, all Epidolex groups experienced a substantial decrease in symptoms.

50% of subjects that consumed 20 mg per kg bodyweight of Epidiolex daily had 42% fewer episodes.

Half of the individuals that received 10 mg per kg of body weight per day had a 37% reduction in attacks. Half of the patients had 17 percent reduced epilepsy compared to the placebo. Considering the research results, CBD oil for autism and epilepsy works wonders.

Dravet syndrome

Dravet syndrome is another epilepsy type that is not that common among sufferers. Dravet syndrome is the type of seizure that disturbs the ability of the body to respond to medication appropriately.

In another medical research, some researchers studied the efficacy of 20mg per kg of body weight in subjects aged two years to 18 years. Compared to placebo groups, those administered with epidiolex substantially decreased the episodes by 39%, while the placebo group dropped by only 17%.

Since Epidiolex has CBD as an active ingredient considering the search results, CBD hemp oil works for seizures.

Tuberous Sclerosis complex

The Tuberous Sclerosis Complex is a genetic disease that can only happen to 1 in 6,000 individuals. The condition triggers non-cancerous tumors to increase in different body parts; however, the tumors growing in the brain can cause epileptic seizures.

While CBD oil works against grand mal seizures, it also does it for tuberous sclerosis complex as a clinical trial. Researchers assessed the effectiveness of the 25 mg and 50 mg of Epidiolex per day on 148 subjects suffering tuberous sclerosis complex. The average improvement in seizures was 48% and 24% for Epidiolex and control groups, respectively.

Other Causes of Seizures

More investigation is necessary to see if CBD can be used to treat different types of seizures, although preliminary research has yielded encouraging results for CBD oil and seizures.

Besides minimizing epilepsy episodes, CBD can also boost the working of prescribed epilepsy medications. According to research, CBD oil affects seizures by maximizing the effects of clobazam, the medicine that treats epilepsy. Be]sides, there are also research findings that enhanced the efficacy of anti-seizure medications.

According to research in 2018, CBD oil worked for different epilepsy types. The researcher examined the 55 subjects suffering from four other epilepsy seizures that are:

  • CDKL5 deficiency is a genetic disease that causes epilepsy ts and developmental delays
  • Aicardi syndrome is a rare congenital disorder
  • Doose syndrome or Myoclonic atonic epilepsy (MAE) affects children aged 2 to 6 years
  • Duplication of the 15th chromosome (Dup15q)

The subjects experienced a median of 59.4 episodes monthly at the start of the study. After three months, the monthly average had dropped to 22.5%. And over the study’s 48 weeks, the enhanced percentage remained unchanged.

While CDKL5, MAE, and DUP15q cause epilepsy attacks, Aicardi syndrome causes cognitive disabilities and developmental delays. So besides curing the seizures, CBD oil works for non-epileptic seizures.

Does CBD Oil for Child seizures Work–What does research Say?

use CBD oil

It is worth noting that Epidiolex is licensed to use for even children of 2 years and above. In simple words, children who have epilepsy that does not benefit from prescribed medication can get health rewards from CBD.

As per a study CBD, whether separately or as a combination of Cannabidiol essential oils, reduces epilepsy prevalence in adolescents with treatment-resistant epilepsy.

Although data supporting CBD can lessen seizure frequency with drug-resistant epilepsy, similar findings do not apply to other hemp chemicals in the plant, according to independent research published in Epilepsia.

According to researchers, CBD is the only approved chemical of cannabis having these qualities.

CBD may not be beneficial for all youngsters in terms of long-term performance. According to a study published in CNS Drugs, CBD was helpful in roughly 27% of adolescents with treatment-resistant convulsions over four years. Nevertheless, side effects were reported by 81 percent of individuals, with 23 percent reporting severe side effects.

What is the dosage of CBD oil for seizures?

Epidiolex is available as an edible mixture, and the suggested dosage is determined by body weight.

CBD oil’s epilepsy dosage is usually initiated at 2.5 mg per kilogram of body weight two times a day and gradually raised weekly. The dose can be elevated to a maximum of 20mg per day if necessary; however, the greater quantity has been linked to more side effects.

Anti-seizure drugs must be administered as recommended, with no missed or combined dosages. Moreover, CBD oil dosage for epilepsy must be continued or withdrawn progressively, just like other antiepileptic drugs, because abrupt modifications can worsen seizure frequency.

Can CBD Disturb the other Prescribed medications taken for seizures?

Can CBD Disturb the other Prescribed medications taken for seizures

CBD may interfere with the effectiveness of other epilepsy treatments; that is, it potentially renders the drug better or least helpful in some circumstances. According to a study, the CBD is usually correlated to interact with the following treatments:

  • Brivaracetam
  • Clobazam
  • Stiripentol
  • Rufinamide
  • Valproic acid
  • Eslicarbazepine
  • Topiramate
  • Zonisamide

Remember that you must not use CBD oil as a substitute for standard seizures drugs except your therapist tells you so. Moreover, the doctor can assist you in carefully adjusting the dosages of your prescription and CBD.

Are there any harmful side effects of using CBD for seizures?

CBD is generally a noble cannabinoid with no intoxicating and severe side effects. However, there are some mild side effects of the compound that first-time users might encounter:

  • Stomach discomfort
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite change
  • Sleepiness
  • Fatigue

Although CBD is safe for use, it entails the risk of liver toxicity if taken with some specific drugs. Moreover, several black sheep are selling mislabeled CBD products commercially.

For that, it is always a good practice to check third-party lab results and the constituents of the CBD oil. The best CBD oil for epilepsy comes with less than 0.3% THC and no toxic chemicals.

According to a study, although CBD oil is best for seizures, it increases epilepsy episodes in some individuals. For that, we always recommend consulting your medical expert first and then buying CBD oil for seizures.

What are CBD products recommended for seizures?

What CBD products are recommended for seizures

There is a huge debate around the efficacy of one CBD product over the other. However, there is a phenomenon stating that therapeutic benefits of CBD can be upshot as of the synergetic effect of all the chemicals in unison. This phenomenon is known as the entourage effect.

So for those who want to cherish the entourage effect, the Full-spectrum CBD oil is a good pick.

Moreover, in a 2018 assessment of studies, scientists concluded that CBD-rich hemp supplements appear to be more beneficial than CBD at decreasing epilepsy occurrence, although further trials are essential.

In a recent study in 2020, the researchers discovered that individuals who used a commercially available CBD product experienced a 70% rise in episodes. Still, those who took prescribed CBD showed a 39% drop.

This phenomenon may be because many commercialized CBD products contain larger quantities of High ingredient THC, which can cause more frequency in epilepsy episodes.

Even though this trial was limited, with just 31 subjects, it emphasizes the necessity of utilizing a good and correctly labeled CBD product.

While Epidiolex is subjected to strict production processes and has a constant dose because it is FDA authorized, the commercial CBD products go around the law and come with high amounts of THC or other harmful chemicals. For that, we always recommend going with a reputable brand CBD products that come with all the authentication proof of the products.

Conclusion: CBD Oil for Seizures & Epilepsy

CBD’s potential to prevent epilepsy and seizures is still being researched. CBD is now licensed to treat seizures induced by two uncommon epilepsy types and tuberous sclerosis complex.

In some preliminary research, CBD has been demonstrated to be a therapeutic option for various other attacks. We do not recommend CBD as a substitute for your prescribed medicines.

It’s essential to see your therapist before using CBD products if you’re experiencing epilepsy.


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